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Niagara (1953), Marilyn Monroe

One of the best-known color film noirs, along with “Leave Her to Heaven”, and an important experience in Marilyn Monroe’s career and pursuit of stardom, “Niagara” is an interesting thriller, with Joseph Cotten as the jealous husband. The scenes with him and Marilyn are excellent and one could feel the tension, the torment of the couple, connected with the turbulent images of the Niagara Falls. Marilyn is seductive and exquisitely beautiful (color films fit her to perfection, even more than black-and-white productions). The dresses are wonderful and the settings are remarkable, too. Directed by Henry Hathaway, “Niagara” was a very modern film for those times (early 50s), just like From Here to Eternity” (both of them were released in 1953). and it is still watched by contemporary generations, too. The walk of Marilyn Monroe in this production of 20th Century-Fox studio is iconic, as it is considered the longest walk in cinema history: 116 feet of film. You will certainly enjoy the lovely scenes of Marilyn, even if her character is tragically killed by the end of the film. That is why “Niagara” is equally beautiful and shocking, a powerful contrast that is typical to a film noir.