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Source of photo: www.moviediva.com

Source of photo: http://www.moviediva.com

One of the best performances of Barbara Stanwyck and certainly one of the greatest pre-code productions, with a still important significance, “Baby Face” tells the story of a beautiful, but poor girl who changes radically her destiny, as she moves from a modest bar to the luxurious metropolitan world. In her attempt to get a better job step by step, she seduces each of her bosses, reaching the top – an old bank manager, who gets killed by one of one of Lily’s former lovers, the latter killing himself in the same room right after the murder. Lily is the kind of beautiful, but cold-blooded woman (some sort of “femme fatale” in film noir). She has no regrets about the killing of two people who were attracted to her and who even loved her very much. The pursuit for wealth is the only thing that matters to her, and she can take all the risks, if necessary. But in the end she discovers that the true love for a man is the one that really counts and she is no longer interested in expensive clothes and jewels. Barbara Stanwyck is exceptional throughout the entire film. Her co-star, George Brent, was good, too, in the role of the last lover. I highly recommend you to watch this extraordinary film, even more because of its modern message: pretty, young girls who make a compromise in order to become rich and powerful, even if, in the end, they are the ones who lose everything – decency, respect, love, and sometimes even their own life.