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A Stolen Life (1946), Bette Davis, Glenn Ford

A wonderful production and a screen version of the excellent homonymous novel written by Karel J. Benes, “A Stolen Life” is another splendid accomplishment of the fine actress Bette Davis. Co-starring the young Glenn Ford, Davis simply steals the show with her impressive performance of the twin sisters who fall in love with the same man. Kate is a talented painter, capable to love and to be generous to others, while Patricia is a selish, very superificial and vivid woman. Kate’s unscrupulous sister marries Bill, but in the end she pays a high price for all her sins, as she is drowned in an accident. Not being able to rescue Patricia’s life, Kate assumes her identity in order to be together with the love of her life. Only in the end the whole truth is discovered. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Effects, Special Effects, but Bette Davis deserved a nomination, as well, because she was simply magnificent in all the scenes in which she makes the transition between two physically similar sisters, but psychologically, very different. You will certainly love this film, another gem in the career of Bette Davis, directed by the gifted, but lesser-known Curtis Bernhardt.