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Based on the famous and extremely popular play “Chicago”, from the 1920s, “Roxie Hart” is still one of the most famous films of the Golden Hollywood Era. This production of the 20th Century Fox studios was directed by William Wellman and it starred Ginger Rogers as Roxie Hart (a role initially intended for Alice Faye, but she became pregnant and was replaced at the last moment), Adolphe Menjou and George Montgomery. The story of “Chicago” was turned into a very successful musical and it was adapted again for the big screen in the homonymous musical from 2002, with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger and Richard Gere. At only 75 minutes, “Roxie Hart” is a more than enjoyable movie for a summer night. As a bit of trivia, it is one of Stanley Kubrick’s favourites. I, personally, was very much impressed with Ginger’s performance. She was a terrific comedienne and the role fit her to perfection, even more because of the musical numbers. The film emphasizes her magnetic beauty and in most of the scenes she looks so modern as if one would believe she lives in our times. The hairdo is unusual to her style, but even if she looks different from her iconic blonde doll image, she is still a darling, and you will be able to watch her acting at superlative. So, don’t miss “Roxie Hart”. It’s pure entertainment, of good quality – just like the musical on Broadway.