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Above Suspicion (1943), Conrad Veidt

“Above Suspicion” was Conrad’s last film, and it was nice to see him again as a good character. He is, in a way, the guardian angel (just like in “The Passing of the Third Floor Back”). His face has some sort of holiness about it, and the aura of his persona makes me feel that he is indeed on his way to a better world. Even his monocle shines different in front of the camera lights, and his tender smile and attentive, gallant gestures are also very impressive to me. I think this was a role that made him feel relieved and I also think that he knew he would be soon gone forever – and this is visible in this particular film, in his performance. If you look at his last publicity portraits you will observe something different in his look, on his facial expression, that reflects a man who is tired, resigned and very pensive. To me, Connie was the most charismatic and lively figure among the actors, and he managed to create, with great talent and taste, an artistry of his own and truthful to his charismatic presence and distinguished style, that has no comparison in the entire cinema history. For this, we owe him the deepest and most sincere “Thank you!”.