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Source of the photo: www.doctormacro.com

Source of the photo: http://www.doctormacro.com

One of the most famous films directed by Ernst Lubitsch, “Trouble in Paradise” brings into our attention three great Hollywood forgotten stars: Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis and Herbert Marshall. The film itself is a hidden gem that was brought to surface only in the last couple of years, several film critics promoting it in their books and articles. I, personally, wasn’t so much enraptured by the script itself, which followed the typical line of a love triangle, but by the atmosphere itself. You will certainly love all the dresses that Hopkins and Francis wear and that were masterfully created by Travis Benton, the expensive jewellery, the Art Deco designs, and, of course, the actors’ performances. You will enjoy the presence of two familiar actors in the supporting cast, Edward Everett Horton (who appeared in most of the Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire movies) and C. Aubrey Smith (known for several classics, like “Waterloo Bridge”, “Rebecca”, and “The Prisoner of Zenda”). The plot of the film involves two professional thieves who make a scheme to steal the money from a wealthy businesswoman. Throughout the film, there are many references to the economic crisis from 1929-1932, but the glamour and the exciting life of the fortunate ones is certainly the key of this comedy. Lubitsch is great at such productions, as you will remember some other top films of his, such as “Ninotchka”, “To Be or Not to Be”, “The Shop Around the Corner”, and “Heaven Can Wait”. You will get to like “Trouble in Paradise” and even to dream about it – at least, it happened to me. I liked Kay Francis in particular, not just because she was such a terrific actress, but also because she was a distinguished and elegant presence, who possessed a lot of money in real life (no wonder why she usually played the role of a socialite) and who was famous for her splendid dresses that fit her to perfection, even more because she was a very tall woman, at 1.75 m. being taller than other tall celebrities in those times, like Greta Garbo and Rosalind Russell. All in all, I highly recommend you to watch this film. It’s high class entertainment in the purest old Hollywood style!