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The Loves of Carmen (1948), Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth shines in a complex and surprising role, of the gypsy Carmen. This movie was co-produced by Hayworth’s own production company and it reunited her with her favourite leading man, Glenn Ford. In spite of its glamorous scenes, “The Loves of Carmen” is a sad film, with a sad ending. But you will certainly LOVE Rita Hayworth’s splendid costumes, designed by Jean Louis, and also her wonderful dancing scenes. Furthermore, the film was directed by the gifted Charles Vidor and it was shot in Technicolor. The colours are simply outstanding and the artistic direction is impressive, too. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography, but in my opinion Rita deserved at least an Oscar nomination for her memorable role. What makes “The Loves of Carmen” even more famous are the publicity stills that capture Rita Hayworth’s beauty almost to perfection. The powerful colours and the background itself are magical. Despite not being a film with a pleasant story, “The Loves of Carmen” worths to be watched at least once in a lifetime, for Rita Hayworth, at least. She was perfect for the role all the way, even if she is a very stylish gypsy lady.