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Dracula (1931), Bela Lugosi

As Halloween is coming soon, I was thinking that my ideal recommendation for this week would be the iconic horror film Dracula (1931), with Bela Lugosi. Produced at the Universal Studios, it was a big hit in the 30s and it made Lugosi an overnight star. The role of Count Dracula from Transylvania was initially meant to be for Conrad Veidt, but he rejected the part because he didn’t want to be a monster again (after his role in The Man Who Laughs), and also because he didn’t speak English very well at that time, as he made only silent American films in the late 20s. Dracula was one of the first great talking pictures produced in Hollywood, and its impact on the public over the time is similar to the other iconic horror film, Frankenstein, made also in 1931. Dracula is the screen version of the successful book by Bram Stoker. Directed by Tod Browning and Karl Freund, it became a classic throughout the years, as it contains many memorable scary scenes, all involving, of course, the fascinating and menacing vampire from the Carpathian Mountains. There were several remakes after the version from 1931, and one of the most famous was Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966), with Christopher Lee.

I recommend you to watch on the Halloween Night the film Dracula with Bela Lugosi. Despite being 82 years old, it remains as fresh and terrifying as it used to be back in 1931.